Mahjong Mysteries of the Past 1.0



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Mahjong Mysteries of the Past is a great version of the Chinese ancient Mahjong game. In this game you can play in different scenarios and cultures like Egyptian, Mayan, Roman, Chinese and European. Each culture will bring you different challenges with different type of tiles. The main objective of this game is to select pairs of identical tiles in order to clear them and free space. Few tiles can be taken in any combination. To clear each level you must find the golden tiles and clear them. If you don't find a free tile, in some moves you can select a hint or you can change your last move. One of the main rules is that you must select available tiles. This game allows you to play story mode, classic mode and endless mode, to play classic and endless you must clear some levels of the story mode. After six levels completed you will get a mini game challenge where you must select pairs and click on them. Playing this game is very easy, move your mouse over the tile of your selection and press left mouse button to select.

Systems: Windows

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